Block lecture on intrusion detection systems

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Block lecture on intrusion detection systems

Beitragvon Martin » 10.12.07 00:24

Wer es noch nicht mitbekommen hat: Ab morgen gibt es die wohl einmalige Möglichkeit, eine Vorlesung von zwei Forschern aus Berkeley zu hören.

Olaf Landsiedel hat geschrieben:Hello,

We are happy to announce a unique opportunity to gain insight into the current
state of network intrusion detection research. Two researchers from the
International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) in Berkeley, USA, are
currently visiting RWTH's Distributed Systems group (LuFG I4). Next week, Dr.
Christian Kreibich and Dr. Robin Sommer will give a block lecture on network
intrusion detection followed by a hands-on lab (ECTS 1+1).

The lectures will start with an introduction into the concepts of network
intrusion detection systems (NIDS). This introduction will be followed by an
overview of the Bro NIDS, which is one of the major open-source systems in
this area. Dr. Kreibich and Dr. Sommer are of the part of the team at ICSI
which has been developing Bro for more than 10 years now, and they are
involved with the daily operation of the system at several large-scale
Internet sites. The lectures will conclude with an introduction into network
traffic analysis using Bro and other open-source tools, which will provide
the necessary background for the subsequent lab part of the class. This
hands-on lab will give students the rare opportunity to learn how to use and
extend the Bro NIDS from two of the system's main developers.

For more information about the lectures and the lab (time, location,
prerequisites, credits), please see the class description at

Feel free to contact me in case you have questions,
-- Olaf
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