New course: Languages for Scientific Computing

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New course: Languages for Scientific Computing

Beitragvon pauldj » 27.09.08 17:23

Hello everyboody,

I'd like to inform you that this upcoming winter semester I will be offering the new course

08ws-14775 Languages for Scientific Computing

in which I will discuss languages and tools especially suitable for numerical, symbolic, parallel and high-performance computations.

The following alternatives will be presented: Mathematica vs. Matlab, C vs. Fortran, MPI vs. OpenMP, numerical computations vs. symbolic computations, imperative programming vs. functional programming.

Throughout the semester I will assign simple mathematical/programming problems whose solutions will be evaluated according to different metrics like speed, elegance and compactness.
The first case study will be related to the Texas Hold'Em Poker.

Anyone is welcome to register, if interested.

Thank you.
Prof. Paolo Bientinesi, Ph.D.

RWTH Aachen University, AICES
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